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Thursday, 18 October 2018 06:41

Justin Stillwell - HELICOPTER PILOT!

It has been to looooonnnng since our last blog post!  But this post HAD to happen.

CONGRATULATIONS and a big shout out to Justin Stillwell - who has just received his CFI certificate.  ADDITIONALLY - Justin has completed his Instrument Rating (July 31, 2018), AND his Commercial Pilot Certificate (December 27, 2018).  Good work Justin - KEEP IT UP and watch for his next blog post as he finishes his CFII.

Sunday, 26 February 2017 14:06

Tyler Grant Commercial Pilot

This post is long over-due - But Tyler deserves a huge Congratulations for passing his commercial check ride on March 22 2016. Tyler studies hard, listens and applies what learns. We had a lot of fun and he is a great stick. Congrats Tyler - Great Job!!

Please join us in congratulating Dallin Anderson with his recent successful Commercial Checkride. Dallin did an amazing job on this checkride and should feel very proud of this. He even received "Kudos" from the DPE with his performance. Dallin is now aggressively pursuing the ranks of CFI. Great job Dallin!!!!

Please join us in congratulating Tyler Grant for passing his Commercial check ride. Once again Tyler showed his dedication by studying, working hard and cruising through the commercial pilot program. With a busy work schedule Tyler takes his books wherever he goes and studies on his lunch break. He has been a fantastic student and a lot of fun to work with. We have another great commercial pilot to add to the ranks! Congratulations and great job!

Friday, 11 March 2016 10:54

Alex Tonge Solo's!

Please join us in congratulating Alex Tonge with her recent first solo. Alex rocked it and is well on her way to her Private pilot license. Great job Alex.........keep up the hard work!

Monday, 07 March 2016 19:12

Solo Awesomeness - Adam Brown

Congratulations to Adam Brown for being awesome and soloing today March 4th 2016. Such an amazing day and Adam has worked really hard!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 13:43

Dave Fewell - Commercial Helicopter Pilot

Utah Helicopter congratulates Dave Fewell for passing his commercial rotorcraft check ride January 21st. It took a lot of practice, preparation and hard work but what an amazing accomplishment! Good job Dave, stay safe cruising the sky.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 13:23

Solo Monkey - Justin Stilwell

It's long over due for recognition - Please join UTH in congratulating Justin Stillwell for achieving solo flight on January 26th! It's all up from here Justin! Justin worked super hard to get there and did an amazing job. Keep up the great work!!

Friday, 19 February 2016 20:17

Race Solo's!

Utah Helicopter congratulates Race Moore in his race to become a helicopter pilot. After a long battle with weather getting in the way, Race was able to take to the skies for his first solo flight today. Way to go Race! We look forward to great things from you in the future.

Wednesday, 06 January 2016 18:22

Shawn Solo's The R22 - Way to GO Shawn!

A big shout out to Shawn Bagley for his first Rotorcraft solo. Shawn is a great student and well on his way to his commercial add-on rating for the helicopter.

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