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Utah Helicopter offers professional helicopter charter services. Time is a valuable asset and helicopter charter flights are an efficient way to make the most of your time. Helicopter charter flights are a convenient and effective way to utilize your vacation, personal, corporate, or hunting time to its fullest in a breathtaking experience.

Utah Helicopter charter flights have the convenience of personalized and smooth travel without the hassle of large airports and busy roadways. These flights offer the convenience to land and take off from unique, remote areas as well as downtown in the center of the metropolis on helipads. Utah Helicopter provides personalized charter flights for business and personal needs.  Helicopter charter flights are available for corporations as well as for the general public.

Choose Utah Helicopter when trying to find a memorable way to propose to a loved one, spend some quality time with family or celebrate a special occasion with a once in a lifetime experience. 
If you are on vacation, let Utah Helicopter’s professional team of helicopter pilots show you the area like you’ve never seen it before—by helicopter.  Charter a Utah Helicopter flight to visit places you have only heard about. Charter Utah Helicopter to see one of the 6 national parks located within the Utah / Idaho area—not to mention the thousands of acres of national forest! Natural beauty will surround you on one of the memorable vacations you’ll ever experience.   

No more packing in all the supplies for the hunt! When hunting season comes around, charter a Utah Helicopter and arrive in style. This year, take your hunting experience to the next level by using Utah Helicopter’s services to drop you off at you favorite hunting area. Whether spotting elk or searching for a new area to hunt in, Utah Helicopter flights have got what you need.  

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience a charter flight with Utah Helicopter.  Call 801-794-2480 to schedule your flight today!