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Pocatello, ID (KPIH)

Pocatello, Idaho (KPIH)

1503 A Flight Line
Pocatello, Idaho 83204
Tel: 208-233-4365

Click here for a map and directions to the Pocatello Airport

Located in the smile capital of the nation, between the Portneuf River and the Snake River Plane, you will have access to one of the best flying environments imaginable. You'll learn to fly Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters in some of the most diverse and beautiful country in the world. Helicopter training in such an environment will provide you with the ultimate training experience.

What a rush it is to go out for your first time! The best part of it is that most seasoned helicopter pilots would say that it still feels that way when they fly. The challenge of a helicopter is like sitting on top of a large ball that you need to maneuver so that you don't slip forward, backward or to either side. You might be wondering if that makes helicoptering harder than flying a fixed-wing airplane. We look at the experience of piloting helicopters in a different way-as an exciting, fun, multi-dimensional challenge. Rather than just manage the linear motion of an airplane, you literally fly a helicopter. You learn to be in constant control of opposing forces while you're aloft and, essentially, master how to be "on the ball."

A great way to get this feeling is to schedule a Discovery Flight. By doing so, you'll also have an opportunity to visit our flight school, meet our phenomenal staff and get familiarized with our training style. First you'll get a brief overview of helicoptering basics in our ground school, and then one of our Utah Helicopter flight instructors will take you up for a hands-on flight. For most people, it's an experience they never forget-one that solidifies their vision to become a pilot.

After visiting us it will be clear that our ongoing objective at Utah Helicopter is to create an ideal flight training environment. From experience, we realize that it's the special attention to crucial key factors that differentiate the few great schools from the adequate ones.

Pocatello is the fourth-largest city in the state, slightly larger than Idaho Falls. In 2007, Pocatello was ranked twentieth on Forbes list of Best Small Places for Business and Careers.

Pocatello is the home of Idaho State University and the manufacturing facility of ON Semiconductor. Founded as an important stop on the first railroad in Idaho during the gold rush, the city later became an important center for agriculture. It is located along the Portneuf River where it emerges from the mountains onto the Snake River Plain, along the route of the Oregon Trail. The city is named after Chief Pocatello, a chief of the Shoshoni tribe who granted the right-of-way for the railroad across the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. The city is served by the Pocatello Regional Airport.


  • The North American Vexillological Association ranked Pocatello's flag 150th of 150 city flags in its 2004 American City Flags Survey.
  • In Pocatello, it was against the law not to smile. Today, this law is remembered with the annual Smile Fest.
  • On December 10, 1987, representatives from the American Bankers Association declared Pocatello the "U. S. Smile Capital."
  • Pocatello is home to Idaho State University and also Holt Arena, a multipurpose indoor stadium. Holt Arena is the home of the Real Dairy Bowl, a junior college football Bowl game. Holt Arena also plays host to the Simplot Games, the nation's largest indoor high school track-and-field meet.
  • The Idaho Gateway Chorus, a barbershop singing group, is based in Pocatello.
  • The Pocatello Zoo features only native Idaho species and is located in Ross Park.
  • The Pocatello region is the setting for Ruth Ozeki's novel All Over Creation and for Tom Spanbauer's Now Is the Hour.
  • Noted classic gamer Ash Covey currently resides in Pocatello, he has held several officially recognized gaming world records for such arcade classics as Turbo Pac-Man and other versions of Pac-Man.
  • Classic gamer Lance Parry currently resides in Pocatello. He ranks second in the world for arcade classic Lunar Lander.
  • Minnesota Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen went to school at Idaho State University.