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Spanish Fork, UT (KSPK)

Spanish Fork, Utah (KSPK)

2050 N 300 W
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Tel: 801-794-2480

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Set in the heart of Utah County you will be awe inspired by the beauty that surrounds you as you take the controls of the helicopter each time you take flight. Spanish Fork is the home to many mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers, farmlands, and vast open spaces that will provide you with a complete and surreal flight training experience. You will enjoy sight seeing 1000' up just as much as learning to fly. You'll learn to fly Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters in varied and spectacular airspace. Utah is renowned for the best snow on earth, and these are the formidable mountains that are blanketed by it for a majority of the year. Learning to fly in a high-altitude flight environment demands greater finesse and better energy management than at sea level. So, right from the start, you'll be learning to operate aircraft at or near their performance limitations-the type of mountainous flight experience many employers are seeking.

What a rush it is to go out for your first time! The best part of it is that most seasoned helicopter pilots would say that it still feels that way when they fly. The challenge of a helicopter is like sitting on top of a large ball that you need to maneuver so that you don't slip forward, backward or to either side. You might be wondering if that makes helicoptering harder than flying a fixed-wing airplane. We look at the experience of piloting helicopters in a different way-as an exciting, fun, multi-dimensional challenge. Rather than just manage the linear motion of an airplane, you literally fly a helicopter. You learn to be in constant control of opposing forces while you're aloft and, essentially, master how to be "on the ball."

A great way to get this feeling is to schedule a Discovery Flight. By doing so, you'll also have an opportunity to visit our flight school, meet our phenomenal staff and get familiarized with our training style. First you'll get a brief overview of helicoptering basics in our ground school, and then one of our Utah Helicopter flight instructors will take you up for a hands-on flight. For most people, it's an experience they never forget-one that solidifies their vision to become a pilot.

After visiting us it will be clear that our ongoing objective at Utah Helicopter is to create an ideal flight training environment. From experience, we realize that it's the special attention to crucial key factors that differentiate the few great schools from the adequate ones.