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Career Pilot Program

Utah Helicopter's career pilot program is designed for those who wish to become working commercial helicopter pilots. Students in the career pilot program will receive all training necessary to find jobs as commercial pilots or flight instructors in today’s demanding and booming aviation industry. Program members are also offered job placement assistance.

The following is a complete list of training received in the career pilot program:

  • Private Pilots license
  • Commercial Pilots license
  • Instrument Flight Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor Rating
  • Certified Flight Instructor - Instrument Rating
  • 200 hours total flight time
  • Books, materials, and check-ride fees are included in this estimate.

Estimated Total Cost: $90,400*

* This pricing is effective as of March 2018. Our pricing is based on minimum times necessary to complete your training and may be higher depending on the number of instruction hours you actually need and the cost of fuel. Any additional hours that you may log in to acquire a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate will count towards the total hours you will need to finish your other certifications.