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Introductory Flights

Introductory Flights are specifically designed for those who want to experience flight in a hands-on experience. On an Introductory Flight you will meet with our friendly office staff who are available to answer any questions about Utah Helicopter you may have. After settling your account they will take you to your Certified Flight Instructor. In an office setting, your Certified Flight Instructor will go over SFAR regulations and training with you.

This 15 minute awareness training makes it possible for you to participate in flight training experiences–if the situation permits. After signing a Liability Release form and your official log book endorsement you will head out to the helicopter. Your professional pilot will show you main components of the helicopter and walk you through some basic pre-flight training. Then you will take off into the big blue! During your flight, you will experience some helicopter maneuvers and receive coaching from your personal CFI. After your flight you can visit with your instructor to ask more questions about how you can become a professional helicopter pilot. The Introductory Flight is the perfect way to see if flying helicopters is for you.

What a rush it is to go out for your first time! The best part of it is that most seasoned helicopter pilots would say that it still feels that way when they fly. The challenge of a helicopter is like sitting on top of a large ball that you need to maneuver so that you don’t slip forward, backward or to either side. You might be wondering if that makes helicoptering harder than flying a fixed-wing airplane. We look at the experience of piloting helicopters in a different way—as an exciting, fun, multi-dimensional challenge. Rather than just manage the linear motion of an airplane, you literally fly a helicopter. You learn to be in constant control of opposing forces while you’re aloft and, essentially, master how to be “on the ball.”

A great way to get this feeling is to schedule an Introductory Flight. By doing so, you’ll also have an opportunity to visit our flight school, meet our phenomenal staff and get familiarized with our training style.

Fly with you soon!